Netgear EX7700

netgear ex7700 setup

Netgear EX7700 Setup Process

To extend the wifi signals to various parts of your home, the wifi extender is used. Connecting the wireless wifi network to the Netgear Nighthawk 7700 setup extender is the first and foremost step. You may use the easy and simple methods of connecting the wifi connecting the wifi extender.This is a simple way for you to link your wifi network to the wifi secure setup to connect with the WPS. The passwords, such as the network name and password, do not need to be typed. For the extender setup, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Control on your stretcher:

    • Place the extender next to the wifi router for the best wifi signals.
    • To plug it into the electrical socket using the extender
    • Wait for a light green Power LED when you plug the extender in the socket,
    • Click the WPS button on the extender when the light glows.
    • Even, on the Wifi router, press the WPS button
    • The different colors of the LED mean that the relation between the router and the wifi extender is different. The white light indicates that the router and the extender l8ink are solid. The blue light indicates that the connection is good, and the red light indicates a bad connection, meaning you need to keep the router and the extender closer to each other.

NOTE: If your router has a bandwidth of 5 GHz, the WPS can connect automatically. When your WPS does not connect for the first time, repeat the above setup instructions. If You Still face any problem setting up the extender via you can also visit the default login IP address i.e